DG 1.0 - Data Governance :

Institutional college data are assets maintained to support the mission and central vision of Edmonds Community College. The Data Governance policy is the formalization of a process focused on managing the quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of information. Appropriate governance for management and use of data is critical to the college's operations, planning, and management priorities and to support institutional capacity for data-informed decision-making, while ensuring that data resources are managed legally, ethically, and strategically.

"College data" refers to any data elements relevant to the operations, planning (including goals), and management priorities of any unit at Edmonds Community College, or data that are used in official, administrative college reports. To support effective management and data-informed decisions, college data must be accessible, relevant, accurate, and available across the college's information systems.

Edmonds' Data Governance Committee (DGC) has the responsibility for managing college data and maintaining a standard for custodianship of college data. The purpose of the DGC is to provide oversight of data entry standards, data integrity, metrics derived from data, access to data, data storage and retrieval systems, and data-delivery platforms and tools. The DGC also provides input on the many college systems and processes that rely on these data resources. The committee will address/administer the following domains:

  • Data use/reporting 
  • Data quality 
  • Data flow/availability 
  • Data security/access

DG 1.01pr Data Governance Committee Charter
DG 1.02pr Data Security/Access
DG 1.03pr Data Flow/Availability
DG 1.04pr Data Use/Reporting
DG 1.05pr Data Integrity/Quality

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Office of the President

Senior Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Grants

Three years.

2018-Dec 10  Approved by President's Cabinet

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