DG 1.03pr - Data Flow/Availability :

Data Flow/Availability procedures are needed to adequately support data views and third-party applications that are derived from the college's enterprise data system and other official college data sources. Data Flow/Availability focuses on the process of providing operational data that is needed to support the business processes and activities of the college's functional units.

The Data Flow/Availability Team, which reports to the Data Governance Committee, not only designs the data stores, but also defines acceptable data extraction processes to optimally support the technology requirements of the college's functional units. Data Flow/Availability defines methodologies to promote:

  • data integration;
  • program interoperability; 
  • increased efficiency and effectiveness of college business processes and services that require the use of institutional data;
  • consistent classifications of data; 
  • secure, business-rule-based database access through software application systems.

The Data Flow/Availability Team will:

  • identify a single authoritative source for core institutional metrics and data fields;
  • review and approve the architecture of data flow between/among systems; and
  • establish standards for system integrations.

Documentation (metadata) on "in use" data elements will be maintained within a college repository, according to specifications provided by the Data Flow/Availability Team. These specifications will include both the technical representation/definition of each element, as well as a complete interpretation that explains the meaning of the element and how it is derived and used. The interpretation will include examples of acceptable values for each element, and any special considerations, such as timing within an academic calendar.
To achieve the benefits of an enterprise-standards-based architecture, all information technology investments shall be reviewed and vetted by the Data Flow/Availability Team to ensure the integrity and interoperability of information technologies for college functional units. The decision to purchase technology will also conform to the statewide policies and standards of the Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). Recommendations of the Data Flow/Availability Team will be sent to the Data Governance Committee for action.
Data integration, or the ability of data to be assimilated across information systems, is contingent upon the integrity of data and the development of a data model, corresponding data structures, and domains. College data are defined as data that are maintained in support of functional unit operations.

DG 1.0 Data Governance
DG 1.01pr Data Governance Committee Charter
DG 1.02pr Data Security/Access
DG 1.04pr Data Use/Reporting
DG 1.05pr Data Integrity/Quality


CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Office of the President

Senior Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Grants

Three years.

2018-Dec 10  Approved by President's Cabinet

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