DG 1.05pr - Data Integrity/Quality :

The college has the responsibility to ensure that data entry standards are adhered to by all who enter information into the college's enterprise systems to ensure data integrity. In addition, the college must be able to reasonably assure that data extracted from the systems is valid and accurate. 

College data includes not only specific student or employee information, but also institutional information such as expenses, revenue, and departmental or divisional activities. From the point of data entry into the college's enterprise systems, every effort must be taken to ensure that data is valid. Valid data means that data entry conforms with appropriate system tables, that data is transcribed accurately from physical records, and that no data is knowingly entered into any system or record that is known to be incorrect or invalid. Once data is entered into the system, it supports a variety of decision-making activities and purposes. Data that is extracted from computer systems must be validated to ensure that it accurately represents the information that it is intended to convey.

The Office of Planning, Research, and Assessment (OPRA) and the college's Data Stewards, under the Charter of the Data Governance Committee will:

  • Provide standards that guide users, such that from the point of entry into various systems and records every effort is taken to ensure that data is valid. 
  • Develop and maintain adequate criteria for vetting data that will become part of the college's central Operational Data Store (ODS).
  • Oversee the development of a data integrity process to resolve issues related to duplication, version control, inconsistency, and/or clarity.
  • Ensure that data accuracy and validation standards apply to both internally and externally reported data. 
  • Confirm that the date of extraction; data source; individual or department providing data; and methodology of extracting or reporting are all provided for data included as part of a report. 
  • Ensure that processes used for internal or external reporting are reviewed for validity and accuracy by the Data Steward and by OPRA (as necessary). 
    • No employee may download college data unless use of that data is part of their specific job duties.
    • An employee who extracts data and modifies that data must clearly document the modification and the purpose and provide this documentation to the Data Steward. 
    • Knowingly changing data without adequate justification or intentionally falsifying data in an enterprise system may result in disciplinary action as per appropriate college policies, procedures, and collective bargaining agreements.

DG 1.0 Data Governance
DG 1.01pr Data Governance Committee Charter
DG 1.02pr Data Security/Access
DG 1.03pr Data Flow/Availability
DG 1.04pr Data Use/Reporting


CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Office of the President

Senior Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Grants

Three years.

2018-Dec 10  Approved by President's Cabinet

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