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    Dec 10, 2018  
Policy Management
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HR 7.0 - Employee Relationships :

Edmonds Community College, as an institution of higher education and steward of the public trust, values an environment of inclusion, trust, and respect as a primary component for optimal learning and working. As a matter of sound judgment, all employees of the college accept responsibility to avoid any apparent or actual conflict of interest between their professional responsibilities and their personal relationships with students and/or those over whom they exercise supervisory, evaluation authority or other relationship of power or authority.

Edmonds Community College expects its employees to both value and adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct. Consensual relationships between a faculty member and a student, where the faculty member is in a “position of authority” over the student pose risks to the college community. Similarly, consensual relationships between supervisors and their employees also pose risks. In such relationships, voluntary consent by the student or subordinate employee is suspect because of the inherently unequal nature of the relationship.

To ensure that the advising, mentoring, evaluation, and supervision of students or subordinates is conducted fairly and equitably, consensual relationships, or the pursuit of such relationships, is prohibited between the following groups: 1) faculty and students, in instances where the faculty member holds a position of authority over the student; 2) supervisors and their employees; and 3) adult employees, to include faculty, and students under the age of 18 years of age. Additionally, employees are prohibited from engaging in sexual activity of any kind, whether consensual or not, on the Edmonds Community College campus.  

Violators of this policy shall be subject to discipline, in accordance with applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements, up to and including termination of employment with the college.

PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINES: Some professionals employed by the college (i.e. counselors, attorneys, nurses, and others) may have different, more stringent guidelines that their members must obey to maintain certification. This policy does not preclude or replace any guidelines published by a particular professional association. Edmonds Community College expects its employees to abide by the guidelines of any professional organization of which they are members, in addition to the standard set forth in this policy.

Consensual relationship: any relationship that a reasonable person would see as dating, romance, or a sexual or marriage relationship, whether in person or on social media or other cyber venues.

Edmonds Community College campus: the entirety of the property owned or leased by the college, to include all facilities, parking areas, outdoor areas, and dorms.

Employee: all full-time or part-time employees and faculty members employed at Edmonds Community College.

Faculty: consists of all full- or part-time faculty, Department Heads, Associates, Senior Associates, Affiliates, teaching assistants, graders, and all other personnel who teach, coach, evaluate, or guide research by students.

Students: all full- or part-time students.

Position of authority: includes but may not be limited to situations in which the faculty member makes or is responsible for an evaluation of a student for admission, coursework, promotion, financial aid, research funding, suspension, dismissal, or other discipline. (Faculty members providing instruction without evaluation are not necessarily in positions of authority.)

Supervisor: any college employee who exercises supervisory authority, evaluation authority, or other relationships of power and authority over at least one other college employee.

Sexual Activity: intercourse involving penetration of the vagina by the penis; anal or oral intercourse; any form of copulation; any person-to-person contact involving genitalia.

HR 7.01pr Employee Relationships: Procedures 

Classified CBA

Faculty CBA

Administrator & Professional Exempt Employee Handbook (in progress)

RCW 9A.44 Sex Offenses

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Three years.

2017-March 13  Approved by President’s Cabinet

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