Policy Management 
    Apr 23, 2019  
Policy Management
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BOT 8.0 - General Executive Expectations and Authority :

The Edmonds Community College Board of Trustees delegates to the President general executive responsibilities and authorities to administer College District 23. 

The Board of Trustees of Community College District 23 delegates to the President the responsibility and authority to administer the District consistent with the laws of the State of Washington and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees, in consultation with the President, develops, formulates, and adopts Board policies of the institution. The President, as the chief executive officer, carries out these policies. 

The President shall act on behalf of the Board of Trustees in any and all matters, which concern the administrative functions of the college, including serving as appointing authority for all faculty, classified, and exempt employees of the college. Any authority delegated by the Board is through the President, so that the President is held accountable and responsible for all employee performance.

The President shall ensure that all college practices, activities, decisions, and organizational circumstances conform to prudent, legal, ethical, and commonly accepted business and professional standards. The President will ensure that all laws of the State of Washington, rules and regulations of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, and all relevant federal statutes are upheld as they relate to college operations.

Decisions or instructions of the Board acting as a body are binding on the President. In the case of individual Board members requesting information or assistance, the President shall exercise judgment regarding whether compliance is reasonable in terms of staff time, funds, or disruption of programs or services. The President will consult with the Board Chair if additional information or direction is needed.

Board of Trustee(s)

BOT 8.01pr General Executive Expectations and Authority: Procedure

(was) B 2.1 General Executive Expectations and B 2.2 Authority and Expectations of the President

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Office of the President, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Office of the President, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Three years. Requires President’s recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

2017-Nov 02  Reviewed, Board Resolution 17-11-2

2017-Mar 09  Amended, Board Resolution 17-3-6

2013-Nov 21  Amended B 2.1, Board Resolution 13-11-2

2013-Nov 21  Amended B 2.2, Board Resolution 13-11-2

2001-May  Approved B 2.1

2001-May  Approved B 2.2

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