Policy Management 
    Aug 18, 2018  
Policy Management
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BOT 14.0 - Student Success :

The college fully supports all students being successful in achieving their educational goals.

The Board of Trustees of Edmonds Community College affirms that all students are entitled to educational opportunities that support the students’ educational and career goals and that student success is a shared responsibility across the college.

The college’s Mission, Vision, Core Themes, Strategic Objectives, Strategic Plan, Values, and budget decisions will reflect the college’s convictions about the importance of success and equity for all students. In summary, this Board policy is designed to ensure that Board and college policies and actions facilitate practices that support students’ success.

1. Advocating for public policies that align resources with student success goals, initiatives, and support services.

  • State and national discussions and policies have required higher education to dramatically shift its focus to student learning and completion of students’ educational goals.  
  • In addition, the focus on student progression and completion is challenging colleges to carefully consider the quality of the learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom.  

2. Requiring the college to implement policies to support student success.

  • Effective student success policies and procedures reflect an institution-wide commitment and broad participation (involving faculty, staff, administration, students, and the Board) to improve student educational and learning outcomes for students across all groups.  

3.   Expecting the college to engage in evidence-based institutional improvement.

  • The success of Edmonds Community College is measured by the success of its students. The Board requires the college’s student success efforts to focus on promoting continual improvements in programs, services, and students’ overall college experiences.

Board of Trustee(s)

BOT 14.01pr Student Success: Procedure 

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
President’s Office, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

President’s Office, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Three years. Requires President’s recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

2017-Mar 09  Amended by Board Resolution 17-3-6

2016-Jun 09  Approved

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