Policy Management 
    May 24, 2019  
Policy Management
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SS 11.01pr - Promotional Material Posting and Distribution Guidelines :

This policy outlines specific procedures for the posting and distribution of promotional materials on campus.

These are guidelines and procedures for the posting and distribution of promotional materials on campus. Promotional materials may be posted and distributed by enrolled students, college personnel, and off campus organizations in designated campus areas. Promotional materials include, but are not limted to: posters, flyers, leaflets, and similar printed materials; and community newspaper and commercial brochures in free standing racks.

Posting Guidelines and Procedures

1) Materials must be dated and have contact/sponsor information. Off campus organizations may post materials only upon registration with the Director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (CSEL).

2) All postings must be placed 54” or lower.

3) Materials may only be posted in the following designated campus areas:

Alderwood Hall - 1st floor, north end

Brier Triton Student Center - 2nd floor

Lynnwood Hall - 2nd floor lobby, east side

Mill Creek - lobby (3x5 boards)

Mountlake Terrace Hall - 1st floor, west and east ends (cork strip), 2nd floor, west and east ends (cork strip), 2nd floor, southwest hallway, 2nd floor center lobby

Mukilteo Hall - 2nd floor, west side

Seaview Gym - west hallway (4x6 board)

Snohomish Hall - 1st floor lobby (by vending machines)

Snoqualmie Hall - 2nd floor lounge (one board)

4) Materials may not be posted on glass (windows/doors), brick, walls, or any painted surface interior or exterior (public areas), or in classrooms unless approved by the Director of CSEL.

5) Materials may not be posted over other postings.

6) Materials must be written in English unless approved by the Director of CSEL. Postings that are not in English will be subject to translation by the college.

Posted materials that do not comply with these guidelines will be removed. Postings will be removed after they are out of date. All boards will be cleared at the end of each quarter.

Community Newspaper and Commercial Brochures in Free Standing Racks Guidelines and Procedures

Off campus organizations may distribute materials only upon registration with and approval by the Director of CSEL. The CSEL Director will determine the appropriate distibution location for free standing racks.

It is the sole responsibility of the off campus organization to stock and maintain the free standing racks. Abandoned racks will be removed and disposed of at the end of each quarter.

SS 11.0 Promotional Material Posting and Distribution Policy

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Vice President for Student Services

Dean for Student Success/Student Life and Development

Three years.

2017-Dec 04  Approved by President’s Cabinet

2017-Sept  Amended

1995-Jan  Adopted

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