Edmonds CC Glossary 
    Jan 29, 2020  
Edmonds CC Glossary
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The Art Committee defines art as, but not limited to, the following mediums:

  • Calligraphy and signage
  • Crafts in clay, glass, fiber and textiles, metal, paper, plastics, wood, and other materials
  • Landscape works, including but not limited to, earthworks
  • Mixed media - any combination of media
  • Graphic Arts - printmaking, drawing and collage
  • Architectural detailing, decoration/forms/fixtures
  • Mosaics
  • Painting -  all media, including both portable and permanently-fixed works
  • Photography and photographic media
  • Sculpture - in the round, relief, mobile, fountain, kinetic, electronic, environmental, site-specific, play equipment, in any material or combination of materials.
  • Ceramics/Pottery - hand-built or thrown vessels
  • Glass - sculptural or two-dimensional
  • Furniture - hand constructed functional or non-functional objects
  • Book Art - hand-made, various materials
  • Jewelry - hand constructed, wearable or non-wearable
  • New Media - art that incorporates technology


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