2011-2012 Catalog 
    May 22, 2018  
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ACD 140 - Survey of Alcohol and Chemical Dependency

Maximum of 5.0 possible Credits
Introduces the use, misuse and addiction to all psychoactive drugs. Covers history, theories and current practices/treatment; and nature of successful addiction recovery.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate ability to access and explore research based information regarding the incidence and major demographic prevalence of substance misuse. [REASON]
  2. Demonstrate ability to accurately apply addiction terminology and conceptual theories and current professional practices. [REASON]
  3. Describe scientific and theoretical basis of addiction models from medicine, psychology, sociological perspectives, and other disciplines. [REASON]
  4. Explain the general history of licit and illicit drug use in the United States. [REASON]
  5. Identify drugs from three major classifications and describe the impact on human brain and behavior including psychological, social, and health effects. [REASON]
  6. Distinguish and describe the potential continuum of drug use, and differentiate drug dependency with the seven diagnostic criteria for this diagnosis. [REASON]
  7. Provide written description of the nature and general structure of treatment, and the concept of ‘recovery’ from addiction as a disorder. [REASON]
  8. Summarize general nature of prevention activity and key assessment components. [REASON]
  9. Research effects of chronic substance use on consumers, significant others, and communities within political and cultural context as well as the impact of systems on drug taking activity and recovery. [REASON]

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