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Edmonds Community College    
  Jan 18, 2018
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Visual Communications - Associate of Technical Arts

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PGM Code – 524T

Program Description This curriculum emphasizes a wide variety of multimedia, Internet and graphic design skills that are associated with today’s new media job markets.

Recommended Course Schedule The Visual Communications courses must be taken sequentially beginning fall quarter. Check with your adviser every quarter. Students starting mid-program should consult a VISCO adviser for additional information regarding the course schedule.

Areas of Specialization The VISCO ATA degree has optional areas of specialization in Web Development, Video Production, Computer Game Development and Art Foundation. Students who complete the ATA may also receive an appropriate endorsement on their transcript by completing one or more areas of specialization. To qualify for an area of specialization endorsement, students must receive a grade of at least 2.0 in each course and an average of 3.0 GPA for all the courses in the area. At least two-thirds of the credits in each area must have been taken at Edmonds Community College.

Credit/Grade Requirements The ATA degree in Visual Communications is awarded upon a student’s completion of a minimum of 93 credits according to the course requirements. A minimum of 30 credits must have been received from Edmonds Community College. Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all college-level courses.

Cultural Diversity Requirement All students earning degrees and certificates of 45 credits or more must meet a cultural diversity (CD) requirement. CD classes appear in the class listings section of the quarterly schedule.

Students pursuing an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree must take at least five (5) credits of CD courses. Courses that satisfy the CD requirement address at least two of the three areas below:

  • Knowledge of culture and its influence on individuals and groups in our society
  • Awareness of attitudes and values regarding life in a multicultural society
  • Skills to recognize, analyze, and evaluate multicultural perspectives and issues

Students are advised to

  • Plan their schedule several quarters in advance in order to accommodate courses that are offered only once or twice a year,
  • Review the college catalog for required course prerequisites and include these in schedule planning,
  • Communicate with a faculty adviser, and
  • Request written approval for modification of the approved curriculum from Enrollment Services on a Petition for Waiver form.

Graduation Application A completed Graduation Application form must be submitted to Enrollment Services by the 10th day of the quarter in which the student expects to graduate. Forms are available online or at Enrollment Services located in Lynnwood Hall. Note applications for summer quarter are due by the 8th day of the quarter.

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The advisers for this program are
Minh Carrico | | 425.640.1390
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Sarah Maki | | 425.640.1912

Department website
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Advising Note

This program requirement sheet is not a substitute for meeting with an academic adviser. Meeting the requirements to graduate with an Edmonds Community College certificate or degree is ultimately the responsibility of the student.

I. General Education/Related Instruction Requirements (20 credits)

A. Communications Skills (10 credits)

B. Quantitative Skills (5 credits)

C. Human Relations/Group Interaction (5 credits)

Cultural Diversity Requirement

____Cultural Diversity Requirement met.

General Education/Related Instruction Requirements Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate General Education/Related Instruction Learning Outcomes in each of the following areas:

Communication Skills: Write in clear, effective ways, adapted to audience, context, and purpose.
Quantitative Skills: Apply mathematical, quantitative or symbolic models to solve problems, draw inferences, or support conclusions appropriate to an individual discipline.
Human Relations/Group Interaction: Identify and explain how to apply the skills needed to maintain effective working relationships in multicultural settings.
Cultural Diversity: Apply multiple perspectives when examining cultural differences and interacting in multicultural settings.

II. Program Requirements (73 credits)

VISCO courses must be taken sequentially beginning fall quarter.

Year 2

Career Management (8 credits)

Program Requirements Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Program Learning Requirements for this degree, students will be able to:
  • Develop and apply multi-disciplinary methods in order to communicate visually through print and digital medias for diverse audiences and purposes.
  • Career Management: Demonstrate the ability to research employment opportunities, prepare an effective employment package, and present oneself positively in a job interview.

III. Suggested Electives

Areas of Specialization

Select one or more areas of specialization below as an additional endorsement(s) to the multimedia endorsement.

1. Students may receive endorsements on their transcript indicating they have completed a sequence of courses in a specific area of specialization within the Visual Communications career field. Additional areas of specialization may be applied for along with the ATA degree.

2. In addition, students who have completed the Visual Communications ATA degree within the past six (6) years may use this form to apply for additional areas of specialization. Adviser or Dean completes the box and signs.

Some of the classes below may require prerequisites. Please check with your adviser prior to registration.

Option 2: Video Production - 739A (9 credits)

Option 3: Computer Game Development - 504A (15 credits)

Specialization Note

(See Note 2 above)

Date Visual Communications ATA Previously Awarded:______________________________

Area(s) of Specialization Approved: ______________________________________________


Suggested Elective Learning Outcomes

Students who have completed their degree/certificate requirements may:

Develop additional breadth and/or depth of knowledge and skills from the suggested courses.


Adviser’s Signature and Date

Dean’s Signature and Date

Eff: summer 2012  |  Rev: 06/12

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