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    Nov 12, 2019  
Policy Management
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HR 8.01pr - Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus : Procedures

Describes the implementation of the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy’s procedures and resources. All employees and students will receive a copy of HR 8.01pr Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Procedures by email on an annual basis.

Edmonds Community College (EdCC) recognizes that tobacco cessation/quitting tobacco use is a personal choice and can be a significant challenge. EdCC is committed to assisting members of its community in their tobacco cessation efforts. Tobacco cessation programs are an integral component in implementing a tobacco and smoke-free campus. A complete listing of these resources for students can be found through the Health & Wellness Center. Employees are encouraged to contact their doctor or health insurance provider for information. The college’s Human Resources Benefits Consultant(s) can also provide assistance to employees with medical insurance questions.

The Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Procedures apply to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors with the college.

I. Compliance

Campus Security Officers will provide a “reminder” card that EdCC is a Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus to anyone they observe not following the college’s policy.

Courtesy and consideration should be exercised when informing others unaware of and/or in violation of the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy and/or Procedures. It is expected that civility and respect for others will guide employees, students, and visitors in complying with the Tobacco and Smoke-free Campus Policy. The college expects smokers to respect the right of fellow EdCC campus and community members to breathe smoke-free air. The college also expects non-smokers who remind individuals not in compliance with the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy to do so with courtesy and respect. (Please see College Policy: HR 6.0 Workplace Civility and Respect) 

Visitors in violation may be asked to leave campus property.

II. Improper Disposal

Smoking materials must be extinguished prior to entering any EdCC property. All tobacco products must be disposed of appropriately prior to entering any college property, which includes exiting a vehicle. Moreover, cigarette litter has been shown to be harmful to the environment.

Improper disposal includes:

  • Spitting smokeless tobacco products.
  • Littering (i.e., discarding cigarette butts, throwing cigarette butts out of windows, leaving spit containers).
  • Taking any action that creates fire hazards.

III. Advertising and Marketing of Tobacco Products

No advertising or sponsorship promoting the use of tobacco shall be permitted on college owned, leased, or managed property, at college sponsored events, or in publications produced by the college, with the exception of advertising in (1) The Triton Review student newspaper and (2) other newspapers or magazines that are not produced by Edmonds Community College and which are lawfully sold, bought, or distributed on campus property.

IV. Exceptions

Ceremonial Use of Tobacco. In accordance with the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, exceptions to the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy may be made for Native American cultural activities. All ceremonial use exceptions must be approved in advance by the President of EdCC or designee. A letter must be sent to the Office of the President at least two weeks before the event.

Nicotine products approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are allowed on campus when prescribed by a doctor or as part of a tobacco cessation therapy program.

Other Exceptions. The EdCC President or designee must approve in advance any and all exceptions to this Policy. A letter requesting the use or allowance of tobacco products must be sent to the Office of the President at least two weeks in advance of the event or implementation date.

Tobacco products: Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, clove cigarettes and any other smoking devices that use tobacco (e.g., hookahs), and nicotine-delivery devices that simulate the use of tobacco (e.g., electronic cigarettes, vaping).

Products approved by the FDA: Nicotine-containing products approved for tobacco cessation therapy, such as gums, patches, lozenges, etc.

Edmonds Community College owned, leased, or managed property: Includes all college sidewalks, facilities, landscaped areas, sports fields/recreational areas, and college buildings. This also applies to state-owned vehicles that may be used by students or employees of EdCC and college-sponsored events.

HR 8.0 Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy

HR 6.0 Workplace Civility and Respect

(was) C 6.3.520 R101 Smoking on Campus Regulation

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Three years.

2017-Jul 17  Revisions approved by President’s Cabinet

1999-Sep 20  Created and approved by President’s Cabinet

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