Student Handbook 
    Jul 18, 2018  
Student Handbook



CWU - Lynnwood offers CWU students many opportunities to get involved.  There are numerous co-sponsored activities with Edmonds Community College, CWU specific activities offered throughout the University, and CWU - Lynnwood club activities.  You will see advertisements via email, Facebook and on-campus posters. There is something for everyone.


CWU - Lynnwood has a diverse selection of academic program offerings for Westside students.  Each program has specific requirements for entry and exit.  To see an updated list and learn more about all programs offered at Lynnwood, visit: 

Academic Degree Programs

  • BS Accounting
  • BS Business Administration
  • BS Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science
  • BAS Information Technology and Administrative Management
  • BA Law & Justice

Academic Minors

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Law and Justice
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


  • Supply Chain Management


Students need support and services to finish their education. Services are offered through both Edmonds Community College and CWU - Lynnwood.  Take advantage of them.

The following services are available to all CWU - Lynnwood students: full career counseling, financial aid counseling, academic advising, veterans services,  disability services, open computer labs, library, writing center, and clubs and activities.  CWU students also have access to student services via Edmonds Community College including: the weight room, emotional counseling services, library, and all open activities. Look for other opportunities throughout the year.

CWU - Lynnwood Student Clubs

Student clubs offer opportunities to network with other students, meet alumni in a chosen profession, and plan activities for other CWU - Lynnwood students.  Clubs are often associated with academic programs but almost any type of club may be started by any student. Contact CWU – Lynnwood in Snoqualmie 105 for more information.  Look for meeting times posted throughout Snoqualmie Hall, on the web and Facebook.

  • The Society of Student Accountants promotes member development through interactions with alumni, accounting professionals, professional organizations, and the business community.
  • Law & Justice Club helps students transition into the field of law and justice by answering questions, exchanging ideas and supporting peers through the educational process.
  • ITAM - for all students studying IT and Administrative Management, provides networking, activities and builds leadership skills.


Contact administrative staff for information on registration, class schedules and locations, and general questions about attending CWU. Academic major contacts can answer questions about your major program.

Email is the fastest way to communicate, use this link to access a list of all current staff:

Student Services

Student resources are available to help with in-class assignments and maneuvering through college life.  All services are located in Snoqualmie Hall.  Contact 640-1574 or stop by the office in Snoqualmie room 105 for more information.

Computer Labs Open computer labs are available for students to use. Log on information is available in the labs. SQL 114 and 115
Library Services  To insure that adequate research materials are readily available to CWU Center students and faculty, the CWU Brooks library offers access to a variety of full-text online resources and access.  SQL 109
Career Services Career Services offers career planning, research and preparation, internship development for job experience or career exploration, career related events including jobs fairs, internship fairs, mock interviews and networking events.
SQL 302
Financial Aid Understanding financial aid can be confusing so it is important to learn about all the requirements.  Financial aid assistance is available to all Westside students via the Financial Aid office located in Snoqualmie Hall, room 104.
SQL 104
Writing Center

Online, in person, skype or by email, writing and math assistants provide consultation on a wide range of homework including accounting, writing tasks, resumes, application letters, essays and research projects.

Email Address   Every CWU student receives an email address that is used throughout their educational career.  Students receive academic updates, event information, and any financial aid information via this email account. Set up from 

Personalized Identification Card

All students are able to receive a free CWU student ID.  It is used to check out materials from the library. Stop by Snoqualmie 105 and have your picture taken during posted hours. Cards take 5-10 business days to process.

Edmonds Resources for CWU - Lynnwood Students

Because of the unique location of CWU - Lynnwood, all students have the ability to take part in open resources located at Edmonds Community College.  That includes free personal counseling appointments from the Edmonds CC Counseling Center, free membership to the weight room, attendance at student activities like visiting lecturers, reduced childcare options, book store supplies and text books, and various Student Programs activities and services. For more information, please contact CWU Westside Student Affairs: